Hello, and welcome to the official flybe.com website.

It is with many thanks to Mr Jim Eaton-terry for letting me use the copyright to use the official flybe.com name, and the official flybe.com Logo.

 It is my intention to run flybe.com virtual airline as much as possible to the real flybe.com airline.

This will include the routes of all three Hubs.

Exeter ( EGTE ) International Airport

Southampton ( EGHI ) International Airport

Birmingham ( EGBB ) International Airport

 At the moment we do not have a multiplayer on Microsoft flight simulator, but we do use www.fsairlines .net so if you want to registar with them, and then look for flybe.com  then you can fly for us.

The only thing i ask if you join fsairlines, is that you familarise yourself with the fsairlines rules, and the client rules.

The reason for this is, because fsairlines run there site to replicate the real world flying, and there rules are just like the real thing.

Also i as CEO will run flybe.com as the real thing too, because i have to send reports to the real airline every so often.

I think thats all for now.

 Ian ( CEO ) flybe.

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